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The first thing that is asked is: “Why do they call you -7ater?”
Back sometime in 1967 my mother got pregnant. At the same time the wife of a well known Comic Strip Character – Snuffy Smith – also got pregnant. His wife gave birth to their son, Tater, a couple of days before I was born. Before I was born my family was calling me “Tater.” In these days you didn’t know if your unborn child was going to be a boy or a girl, so I am very lucky that I was born male!
My real name is Alonzoe Hunter Fuller, Jr. or Al Fuller. Around Jr High I found that it was easier for my female classmates to remember Tater than Al. At this time I decided I was now Tater, and asked everyone to call me this. I started writing poetry at an early age, and of course I noticed that every poet had their name after the sonnet following a dash:
-E.A. Poe
So I started signing everything:
Except that my “T” looked like a “7″. I liked this and decided it was MY name and the official spelling would be:
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince would not do something like this until years later. The pronunciation is still “Tater” (as in Tater Chip, Tater Tot, Mashed Taters….you can tell what part of the world I’m from). Years later I would learn there is a Hebrew letter that looks like 7 that means “life”. I liked this. -7ater Inc. has always been the name I put on anything I did that was creative. I started by writing poems and selling to guys in school to give to their girlfriends. Then I moved up to hand drawn greeting cards. I would do unique cards, or do photo-copies if you needed a lot; such as thank you cards. I even did a set of hand drawn wedding invitations once. Then I got a Commodore 64. I was into some big time desktop publishing now! I did greeting cards, brochures, flyers, banners, calendars, and whatever you needed and was able to print it out on my dot matrix printer. If you paid enough I’d do color on my Okidata! Lots of time passes (and this would be too boring to account for here). I have now broken -7ater Inc. up into divisions. The desktop publishing is now being run by Kay’s Kreations (headed by Karen Fuller, my wife). There is Rondo records, Poetic Justice, The Zoo Crew, and whatever I make up in the future.

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