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I stumbled upon Cubees a while back while looking for paper toys on the internet.  The great Cubeecraft had a ton of good geeky characters I could print cut out and NOT have to use glue.  Having a house full of cats glue can be a messy substance to play with.  After doing many of what my wife calls “paper dollies” I found there were a few characters I did not see, so I figured I would make them myself.  Cubeecraft offered a template to get you started, so this could be fun, I like playing with graphics.  I started searching deviantART for some ideas on what the characters I wanted to do would look like in 2D and was delighted to find there was a whole community of artist making these little cubees.  I started downloading, printing, cutting and folding.  Soon my office was covered with characters I had some interest in.

Eventually I remembered I wanted to do some on my own, so I started making them and putting them up in my office.  People said they were good (I hope they weren’t jut being nice) so I figured I’d put up a site and share them.

Of course now I have started doing fellow employees and am taking request from people on what to make next.  The ones based on people I know will probably not make it up here, ok some may.  Now I need a bigger office for all my little creations.

I am in no way trying to say I am any great cubee artist or comparing myself to the fantastic work on these other sites.  These are just little things that keep me busy while watching TV at night and thus I don’t have to be medicated for ADHDD&D or whatever causes me to want to do more than one thing at a time.  You may notice the resolution is lower than most other peoples work.  This allows me to use a lower end machine while checking e-mail, browsing the internet, chatting with people and such.  I also do not realy think in 3D so I am teaching myself how to use the 3D model that Cubeecraft has, and if it doesn’t fit this model I probably won’t try.  So if you like these – enjoy!  If not, move on to something else. 

now – enough chatter…. go make some cubbees!

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