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April 21, 2008


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This site shall host the collective works of my poetry.  This is something I enjoy doing, whether I am good at it or not is up to the reader.  I shall include poems I wrote in elementary school as well as ones I write now.  This was originally going to be a book I wanted to publish.  The originals are all hand written, with scratches and corrections on them.  I I were writing to another person I would then copy that poem in a neater handwriting on clean paper.  These people may have those.  I then typed the whole thing onto a Commodore 64.  For you young people that’s an old computer.  I later imported the seq file into GEOS (one of the first Graphical User Interfaces – or GUI – and it ran on the C=64).  Later I imported it into a text file on a Windows 3.1 machine using Big Blue Reader.  Even later this was copied over to a Word 97 file in which spelling could actually be checked.  I then added pictures and created a pdf.

Still no one but a few people have seen all of these together.

I very seldom give my poems titles, so I will try and make something easy to find in the title area of each poem.  It may be the first line of the rhyme or something that I think describes it.

I will ask that no one steals this work for their own profit.  Please.  However, if you use a Love poem to get that special somebody, please let me know.

The original Cover art from the Commodore 64:

Green Gold    Green Gold Color








 The original text from the Word 97 Document:


        There are a few things I feel I should explain before you get started. What follows is a collection of poems I wrote between 1968 through 1994. Since I was born in 68 you can assume that there are not too many poems from the early part of that era. I don’t know when I first started writing poetry, but I do know that I didn’t write any before 1968. 

        The original title of this book was suppose to be A LITTLE BLACK BOOK WITH MY POEMS IN, but I finally decided it would be too much trouble to get permission from Roger Waters to use a line from his song for my book. I finally decided on GREEN GOLD which I feel describes the yin-yang of my persona. I’ve been working on a science fiction story since 1975 in which I am the main character. In the story I am saved from certain insanity by a gold chain. Thus I’ve always felt that gold represented my sanity. When I was a child I had a make believe girlfriend named Gloria, and she had green hair. I was reminded about this later by my mother when I started dating a girl whos first name was also Gloria. I revived my old playmate, made her grow as I did, and gave her wings (she was my fantasy woman and I felt that I could make her look anyway I wished). Because of Gloria’s green hair (which I don’t have any real explanation for) I claimed that color as a representation of my insanity. I feel my soul is always in competition by these two sides, like the black and white of the yin-yang. In reading my poems I think you will see both sides coming out in the words.

         Most of the poems were written for various people in my life. Most of the women I have had relations with should have a stack of poems I wrote to them which are not included here, for I never made copies. I have removed their names in most cases and replaced them with girl, lady, woman, baby, etc. In some cases removing the names would destroy the flow of the verse, so they were left in.

         These poems are not in order. The first one was written while I was typing this book out as are many others included. The last was written before I got married and eventually divorced, so my ex-wife is not mentioned. You can not read this as a biography in my life, so don’t feel that my moods go up and down that eraticaly. The best way to read this is to take each poem as an individual. I would not recommend trying to read this book straight through, as when I was proof reading I found that it can play havoc on your emotions.

         One thing I feel I must explain is my name. In many poems you will see me referring to myself as -7ater. This is pronounced, (and should be spelled) Tater. I spell it with the dash and seven. It’s my name, and I can do whatever I want.

         My goal is to entertain and inspire. I hope after reading this you will have felt like you have taken a trip into my world. Many of the following verses are fiction and fantasy. Many of them are true stories. It’s up to you to decide what is real and what is not.


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