Green Gold Poems by -7ater

April 30, 2008


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The Man came from the stars
On his way he passed Mars
He came from outer space
And his shoes he did not lace
His helmet is a magical one
It gives him magic some
His neck looks like a Soleon
But for his protection he put it on
He’s neither good nor bad
And it makes me sad
He’s as crazy as I am sane
But I am extremely glad he came

April 22, 2008


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The space ships passing by
The aliens that look like flies
The stubborn robots that act like dolts
Clinking around like bags of bolts
This is my Sci-Fi dream
The space pirates, on board big ships
They have no mouths but they have big lips
They’ll steal you blind, and fry your brain
Until your half insane
Help Mom I can’t take the pain!
Quick wake me up from my Sci-Fi dream

A food, an instrument, a planet, a race,

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A food, an instrument, a planet, a race,
They have the same name,
You know that (of course), but just in case,
Let me explain it again frame by frame…

He was born interracial, slightly a bit mixed,
His mother one of us, his father one of them,
His schooling was fine, his future was fixed,
But when he said “NO”, you could hear an “AHEM!”

“I’ll do something else, I’ll go by myself,
Don’t worry, father, it’s logically planned.
Even though I look like I’m half elf,
Remember, I’m also half man.

“I’ll go to the stars, I’ll go off into space
I’ll do it too, just wait and see.”
He said this with a stone still face.
“This dear father is what’s right for me.”

“I’ll join that famous Star Fleet
I’ll work hard and true
I’ll have a Science Officer’s seat
This is a job held by a few.”
Said his father feeling the heat:
“Who’ll give the education to you?”

“I’ll go to the academy, I’ll study real hard
And I’ll make it pay
The galaxy ‘ll be my doorstep, the universe my yard
You’ll be proud some day.”

“Proud is a human emotion that I cannot do.”
Said the father to his son
“I know this true, someday you will too,
Now please quit this silly pun.”

But alas he couldn’t, so he did go
And studied, and learned, and learned some more
And his capabilities to his tutors did show
Till the greatest position came to his door

First Officer on the Starship Enterprise
Commanded (now by Kirk but then) by Pike
His strange appearance did open some eyes
But paid them no attention, for “Humans are all alike.”

His best friend Kirk, his second McCoy
They have great adventures, they Trek from Star to star
They also quibble like little bitty boys
And his only trouble is (usely) Ponn Farr

A food, an instrument, a planet, a race,
They are all titled the same
You know who it is in this case
YES! Logically, SPOCK is his name.

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