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April 30, 2008

A Prayer

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Dear Lord, I have so man friends
But I have no Love
I need someone that will
Stand way out above
The rest, so Lord I pray
That you will send
Someone special to my heart
Someone closer than a friend
And Lord give me the patience to wait
Until you feel I’m ready
And please keep reminding me to ask
You before I go steady
Lord, let me be blessed with
The patience of Job
Help me be calm, and let
Longsuffering be my robe
Lord, don’t let me jump to fast
But then don’t let me be slow
And Lord when I find that person for me
Please make sure I know
That your blessings are upon
Us, that it was meant to be
And Lord always, always guide,
Protect, and always Love me!

Where has the happiness gone?

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Where has the happiness gone?
Has it finally gone away?
Is now frowning, crying, fusing
The best way to start the day?
I look around and I see
You have the best there is to be
But frowns, hate, and unfriendliness
Is all I ever see
You have one who Loves you
Your school is pretty good
And when you go in public
You act the way you should
So when you find yourself
Hating and fighting one another
Remember what the Bible says:
That you should Love one another

I don’t know why I decided to walk that way

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I don’t know why I decided to walk that way
By the crucifixion that was held today
I didn’t even know what the criminals had done
Except one had claimed to be God’s son
As I looked up I couldn’t believe my eyes
The mutilated body the raised towards the skies
Never before had I seen such brutality
You’d have to be there to realize the actuality
They’d cut him up till his blood ran like a river
Wasn’t his people he suppose to deliver?
Now you can’t even recognize him as a man
Of all the world he should save himself, if he can
The blood and the flesh mingled up in a mess
He once had a beard, as only I can guess
For now it’s only a continuous bloody flow
It was way to much and I had to go
But suddenly the heavens became dark black
I thought it was a mass demonic attack
I saw nothing from the darkening of the skies
Except I swear I could still see his eyes
The ground started shaking, fire from above
All this for a man they claim came in Love
God of Abraham please save this one!
Then I heard him say, “It is done.”

April 22, 2008

Where is the truth

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Where is the truth, where does it lie
Is it buried in the ground, or up above the sky
Why does it hide from man, what is to gain
From keeping us from joy, and giving to us pain
Jesus Christ brought us some Godly truth
But preachers emphasize upon the Beast back tooth
Man has only perverted it, emphasizing on the least
Oh how I wish that before I was born this had ceased
But one day I shall know The Truth, for I am headed toward God
And rid of all this falseness, and right is what I’ll shod

I can see Gods power

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I see the sunlight at the end of a day
And I can see Gods power drawn up in every way
As the sun sets and I see the darkening of the sky
I could swear that I see golden angels passing by
The sweetest sweet oranges and the deepest deep reds
Along with the dark dark purple make up the suns bed
Mountains draw up the last remaining drops of sunlight
And I settle in for a bright, clear, moonlit midnight
As my child settles in his room to get some needed sleep
And prays to our lord his mortal soul to keep
I find myself outside staring out so very far
Just admiring our Lords wonder we call the stars
There is no moon, just me and the night sky
The crickets sing as in the green grass I lie
I find myself lying there for hours and hours
Until the sun comes up to awaken all the flowers
I Love to feel the dampness of the sod
To get along with nature and communicate with God
For when I’m alone with the world and my master watches me
Only then can I say that my soul is truly free

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