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May 1, 2008

Where did you come from

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Where did you come from
The girl of my dreams
I’ve never seen you before
Or, at least, so it seems
But at night while I sleep
Which is something I seldom do
I drift into a world of dreams
And find myself with you
You had to come from somewhere
And where I do not know
Are you the spirit from
That poem by Edgar Allen Poe
Anyway, whoever you are
I’d like to thank you for being there
Because at this time in my life
I didn’t think anyone cared
I look forward to sleeping now
So I can hold you once again
And kiss your lips so sweetly
Love me like only you can

April 30, 2008

Lying awake

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Lying awake, I can’t go to sleep
Visions of you in front of my head
It’s easy to explain my lack of sleep
If you could see the menagerie around my bed
I’m so built up, I can’t doze off
Memory is my best friend now
The others can’t understand the reason they hear
Me, at night, saying “oh wow”
And when I fall asleep, you’re there too
A constant reminder to me
Of what is behind, and what is before
And of my Love to thee
So when I wake up, you’re the topic of my mind
You follow me wherever I go
You never leave me, you’re always there
I just thought that you aught to know

Lying awake as usual

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Lying awake as usual
One man alone in time
Violence is all around me
Everyone wants me to rhyme
Goodness know I try
Only the best I give
Don’t know what motivates me
Practicing my theory to live
Everyday there’s something new
Always an adventure to find
Caring isn’t always the answer
Everything is always on my mind

Hours and hours I think
Anytime I can be alone
Too many things to overcome
Each place I stop is my home
Sometimes I get out of touch
And then I lose all control
Then I look in a mirror
And try to crawl in a hole
Now the song is about over
Welcome to an insane man’s plea
And find out the hidden message
Reflecting on someone like me

April 22, 2008

I can’t sleep

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Another night
I can’t sleep
Cigarette smoke in my eyes
That’s why I weep
It’s not because
Your not here
It’s not because
I live in fear
If you would leave me
Would I go on
Could I face yet
Another coming dawn

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