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April 30, 2008

There was a guy

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There was a guy in Love
She had a pretty face
She was very proper
She had manners, morals, and grace
He was mighty shy
He couldn’t flirt
She was so lovely
He felt like dirt
“Just go up to her” he thought
“She may like your style
Just put on the charm
Flash her your smile”
But alas he couldn’t
He would try and try
But he couldn’t do it
He was just to shy
But one day he wrote her a letter
It was only a line or two
And at the end of the page
He put “I Love you”
So my friends listen close
To what I have to say
If you write your Love a poem
You’ll know just what to say


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My assignment is to write a rhyme
But I couldn’t find the time
I ask a friend to help me out
But all he did was scream and shout
So how did I get this poem you see?
Simple, -7ater wrote it for me.

all my poems in a book

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Recently I sat down and decided
To compose all my poems in a book
And reflecting back on my message
On you I took another look
The women I’ve known in the past
Not many, but maybe enough
Compared to you and your beauty
Are battered, beaten, and rough
You know I look beyond the solid
In fact I can see into your soul
And I think I’ve found what I’m after
So let the good times roll
One day you might read this
If I can help it you will
I hope you know it’s you I’m after
I’m tired of the hunt, ready for the kill
So let’s throw away our shelter
And come together in an embrace
So I can thank God above
For blessing me with His grace


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Poetry is fun
Poetry is nice
Poetry is Love
Melting in the ice
Poetry is something I cannot explain
It’s kinda like
Singing in the rain
Poetry is a song
A word, a phrase
Poetry is something
Someone says
Poetry is soft
Poetry is hard
Poetry can be heard in the park
Sang by a lark
Poetry can rhyme
Sometime it will not
Poetry is cold and hot

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