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May 1, 2008

A wild dream

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A wild dream I had last night
So scary I was filled with fright
I was at Homecoming doing the Cha-cha
And I saw your mother, ha-ha

April 30, 2008


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Remember when we won that game?
Next year just wont be the same!
Whatever happened to that girl with dark hair?
I heard she might be coming back next year.
Remember that guy’s big green truck?
Now he’s got a Corvette, imagine his luck.
I remember when we were going together,
When I use to wear that jacket of leather.
Whatever happen to break you two apart?
One of us, me, finally got a little smart.
The years almost over, our school life will end.
Yes, but I’m glad I have you as a friend.
If we don’t see each other, how will we survive?
Don’ worry, memories will always keep our friendship alive.


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My assignment is to write a rhyme
But I couldn’t find the time
I ask a friend to help me out
But all he did was scream and shout
So how did I get this poem you see?
Simple, -7ater wrote it for me.

Senior Trip ’86

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I’ll never forget my senior trip for as long as I live
I learned that people can actually learn to share and give
Mountains beautiful with Lovely white snow capped peaks
And more fun than I could muster up in many, many weeks
Lisa found out that she could ice skate pretty well
Even though it was not funny when we all fell
Jill, Matt, Cindy, and Joy all mustered up some hope
And tried their luck skiing down a steep snowy slope
I don’t know what ever came of Cindy, Matt, And Jill
But the sight I saw was Joy somersaulting down the hill
When we rode horseback, Tracey led the way
But I believe the horses had too much hay
I never knew the cold could hold so much power
Until I bobsledded down a hill at eighty miles an hour
Only ten people came, so we really didn’t hurt
Unless you count Suzanne and Robert
The way our preacher drove you’d think we were on a track
You might have enjoyed it, but we got sick in the back
I never laugh so much, I felt much like a child
When Brother Joye talked about Scott’s heart going wild
We shopped in many a store and walked many a mile
We had a lot of fun but it lasted but a while
I’ll have to admit it’s the most fun I’ve had
And when it was over, we all felt so sad
The Joyes did for us as much as they could do
And God…in them I saw a little bit of You
I’ve learned a lot of lessons, and learned a lot of tricks
But I’ll always remember Senior Trip ’86

4th period

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While talking to Mrs. Jackson’s face
She said 4th period is a disgrace
Spitballs and rubber bands
And lots of grains of sands
They look like their from outer space


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Textbook, paper, pencil, pen
Be good, watch the teacher grin
If she teaches you wrong, that’s o.k.
You’ll learn different another day
They’ll teach you wrong, they’ll teach you right,
They’ll teach and teach with all their might
We’d better be careful of these kind
For teachers control our young child’s mind

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