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March 11, 2010

Person Status

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This just ain’t right

All I see are breaking lights

I’m not moving here at all

Somewhere there must be a stall

Slow enough that I can text

And even ponder the context

Where will all these people go

Not really sure I want to know

Anyways ladies and gentlemen

Looks like I’ll be late again

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May 1, 2008

A wild dream

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A wild dream I had last night
So scary I was filled with fright
I was at Homecoming doing the Cha-cha
And I saw your mother, ha-ha

High mountains

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High mountains, rushing waters
I’m the one who kissed your daughters
So if their pregnant don’t look at me
I only went as low as the knees


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Do you like Beth or Joe?
No it’s Barbara I like
So don’t ask me again Mike
And when the birds go chirpie chirpie
She’s the one that gave me herpes

April 30, 2008


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My assignment is to write a rhyme
But I couldn’t find the time
I ask a friend to help me out
But all he did was scream and shout
So how did I get this poem you see?
Simple, -7ater wrote it for me.

I cannot believe

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Moonlight, sunlight, starlight, sky
So long, farewell, see ya, bye
Dolphins, tuna, crabs, the sea
Squirrels, wood, leaves, a tree
Where this is leading is anyone’s guess
I cannot believe I wrote this mess


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And mozzerella
It’s-a yella
But it-a sella

I get so mad sometimes

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I get so mad sometimes I could yell-
ow is the color of the Sun-
day we go to church and pray –

Don’t Get Mad

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What do you do when your feeling funny?
Do you snuggle up with your dear honey?
What do you do when you need a laugh?
Do you get all dirty and then take a bath?
If you’re being made fun of because of your goofy sweater,
Don’t get MAD(R) get CRACKED(R), it’s better!

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