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April 30, 2008

I never thought I’d come this way again

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I never thought I’d come this way again
Gosh I really don’t know where to begin
I never thought we’d meet once more now
But I guess it was meant to be somehow
It came as a shock, I was quite surprised
I’m looking you over, I can’t believe my eyes
My you’ve changed, there’s quite a difference here
But it’s so nice to at last have you near
But I’m tired of standing here enjoying the site
Let’s stay together and make the most of the night

Last night

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Last night something I never realized
Was sublimely revealed to me
A perfect picture of what’s real
The truth, the beauty, and reality
I can remember years ago
When we were dedicated to each other
When we use to hold each other’s hand
And really cared about one another
But it just burned away
As if consumed by fire
And we seemed to lose
All the Love and desire
But once I got over the hurt
And mine own blatant stupidity
I saw that I’d lost a friend
For what I thought would be an eternity
But through my tears and my pride
And the way I look at life
I got over the hurt and the loss
And soon forgot all my strife
But you came around again
Contact with you once more
I didn’t realize my memory stirred
And we’d open up old sores
But soon realized we still cared
And we could still be friends
Also that all the helpful concern
Never really has to come to ends
I realize now without a doubt
That I can still have some fun
And of all the people I know
You’re still a special one
For I enjoy being with you
You are pleasant company
The fact that we get along so well
Is nothing but pure irony
I’m so glad we had that time
To come to grow closer
If anything it’s helped me
Become a much better composer
Of all the emotions I know
Love is always the stronger
But now I realize that
Friendship always last longer
Thank you for a wonderful time
And for allowing me to live
Also for showing me that
I still have something to give
And that life is meaningful
And can be a lot of fun
But it can be more enjoyable
When you share it with someone
Which makes me really glad
That we have each other
To help me out when we can’t
Go to Father or our Mother
To go to the other one
When we need to be held
And try empathically
To let our hearts meld
Once again I thank you
And a thousand times more
For adding salt to my life
And stop it from being a bore
So in all your many travels
And in all you ever do
Know that no matter what
My Love goes with you


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Remember when we won that game?
Next year just wont be the same!
Whatever happened to that girl with dark hair?
I heard she might be coming back next year.
Remember that guy’s big green truck?
Now he’s got a Corvette, imagine his luck.
I remember when we were going together,
When I use to wear that jacket of leather.
Whatever happen to break you two apart?
One of us, me, finally got a little smart.
The years almost over, our school life will end.
Yes, but I’m glad I have you as a friend.
If we don’t see each other, how will we survive?
Don’ worry, memories will always keep our friendship alive.


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My day seems unfulfilled
When I don’t hear from you
I’ve wanted to tell you I Love you
But I always thought you knew
Being friends with one as you
Is better than a room of gold
And even though we’re not Lovers
We’ll be together when we’re old
Lately it seems that only you
Bring happiness to my life
You’re the one who makes me smile
Since I lost my wife
I hope you know I feel for you
In a way I cannot explain
And as long as your in my life
I shall never go insane

Thanks for being nice

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Thanks for being nice
Even though I’m sometimes a pain
Thanks for putting up with me
When I act slightly insane
I hope you realize
That I know how you feel
And if I seem overbearing
Just pretend I’m not real
I hope you realize
That I wish you no harm
I just like your company
So turn off your alarm
Remember that I’m here
When you need to talk or cry
And I accept all you do
Even though I don’t know why
I hope you feel safe
When your with me alone
And that you feel free to speak
When we talk on the phone
I hope you consider me a friend
And that you’re aware
That no matter what happens
I will always care

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