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May 1, 2008

rock ‘n roll heaven

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Janis sang of freedom
She had nothing left to lose
So she found what she wanted
With heroin, pot, and booze
Jimmy wanted to free his mind
But the music took its toll
So what Jimmy figured out
Was how to free his soul
Jim dreamed of The End
He looked for it everyday
And when it came you wonder if
He had anything left to say
John wanted peace
He talked about it in the sack
But now I can’t Imagine
How he will ever Get Back
Elvis was the king
He brought it all to us
But now he’s gone and I don’t know
What it is with all the fuss
Roy saw a Pretty Woman
And then he started Crying
He was so good we never knew
That he was really dieing
Keith helped out Tommy
Then he broke every rule
But our thoughts always go back
To that night in the pool
Duane was a Ramblin’ Man
He had a lot to teach
And I remember him every time
That I Eat A Peach
Stevie Ray saw the sky cry
He wore out many picks
And even now no one else
Can lay down his licks
Big Bopper wanted to see some lace
Buddy wanted Peggy Sue
Richie didn’t want to fly
And now the world is blue
Kurt was an angry youth
His lyrics we couldn’t figure
But none of his fans could believe
That he’d really pull that trigger
These I’ve mentioned and many more
Left their mark all over the land
And if there’s a rock ‘n roll heaven
You know they’ve got one hell of a band

April 30, 2008


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When you sang of peace
The whole world chanted along
We couldn’t wait
For you to put out another song
You taught us all Love
You wanted to hold our hand
And elevated our minds
With Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
You took a vacation
A weekend that was lost
And then your wife
Realized what she had lost
You spent your days
Baking bread and making tea
Never realizing
What your music meant to me
But now your gone
And I can’t make it seem true
Just realize John Lennon
The whole world misses you

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