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May 1, 2008


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I cannot go through this life
With my head so doggone heavy
‘Cause I see us in heaven
You in the passenger seat of my ’57 Chevy
Cruising on forever
Running out of gas never
Hard top and a hatch back
Got a cassette not an 8-track
Fuzzy dice that you’ll only get
When you’re dead
It’ll be jet black or maybe
Cherry red
Supped up engine that will go real fast
A magic moment that will forever last
Stop at the store to buy us some pop
When we dance we’ll do the hop
Fats Dominoe, Little Richard, Buddy Holley
Will be making the scene
The Beach Boys. Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis
Will make us sing
The twist will be in
Oh can’t you see
This place is looking so much
Like heaven to me
Wearing hats that look so cool
Trying to impress you by acting like a fool
Cloths that are nice and comfortable to wear
We wont be forced to wear socks up there
Poetry to write that no one will read
My grammar wont be right, ’cause there is no need
When I get time
Watch a Star Trek re-run
We’ll fly in a spaceship
Just to have some fun
A Dr. Pepper to make me feel all right
Me and you will sing this song all night

Where did you come from

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Where did you come from
The girl of my dreams
I’ve never seen you before
Or, at least, so it seems
But at night while I sleep
Which is something I seldom do
I drift into a world of dreams
And find myself with you
You had to come from somewhere
And where I do not know
Are you the spirit from
That poem by Edgar Allen Poe
Anyway, whoever you are
I’d like to thank you for being there
Because at this time in my life
I didn’t think anyone cared
I look forward to sleeping now
So I can hold you once again
And kiss your lips so sweetly
Love me like only you can

The time has come (Explicit Content)

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The time has come to admit
That my life is worthless shit
I didn’t do anything I planned
And my dreams all got canned
I have others that I could blame
But of course I’d be ashamed
And I must look inside myself
To figure out how to use all my wealth
I’m still young, it’s not too late
But I must act now, don’t hesitate
I don’t know where my inspiration is from
But look out world-here I come

April 30, 2008

Inside my head

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Inside my head is another world
I can control or let go
I am god for the people there
And I create both friend and foe
I wish I could take you there
It’s a magical place indeed
And this is where I go
When I find myself in need
Anything I imagine is true there
Both real and make believe
And even though I’m nothing here
Inside I never grieve
Maybe if you close your eyes tight
And then concentrate real hard
Then you might enter my thoughts
And be in my dreams back yard

I know a sweet lady

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I know a sweet lady, she’s such a dear
She watches the ships pass by from the peer
Without even a handkerchief to hold
And when we talked, this story she told
“I once had a lover,” she said with a smile
“A man of the ocean who’s name was Kyle
We had such a beautiful happy life
He took me in and made me his wife
We had a son, we named him Mike
He was a wild and playful tyke
You saw no one happier than we three
My wonderful son, my husband, and me
Until the day my son passed away
Pneumonia is the reason of death they say
And from the day we laid down the wreath
My dear husbands life was full of grief
He walked all day long and looked so sad
He grieved so long his health went bad
Until the day came when he had to leave me
And he said ‘please bury me in the glorious sea
For someday I shall return to you by ship
And take you too on this heavenly trip
And I will bring our young son too
And we shall forever and always be with you’
So dear young boy,” she said to me
“You may think my tale pure stupidity
But until my soul sails far, far away
I shall wait here ’til that final day”
I thought her sweet to share her tale
And I didn’t laugh for she was so frail
So I thanked her and walked into the night
But I heard a noise and my face turned white
I saw a ship with a man at the helm
At once I could tell it was not of this realm
And from the side a young child cried:
“Come on mother, it’s a glorious ride”
Then I saw the lady fall to the ground
With her soul no where to be found
Until I saw her aboard that ship of Love
And i watched it sail into the clouds above
Though when I tell this story I never lie
I find it very hard not to cry

years ago

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About 5 years ago
I fell in Love
Now I’m in Love again
And treat her like a dove.

7 years ago I heard a song
I learned it word by word
Now everybody
Thinks it’s absurd.

Some just can’t see

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Some just can’t see
Beyond the waving trees
In the middle of a wooded forest
But if you look at me
What you will see
In my eyes, your reflection the clearest
It’s a lazy day
And the field grass sways
It’s a pleasant sight for my eyes
It really pays
To live this way
When you look beyond the dark blue skies
Hand in hand
Across this land
Love is what we use to overcome our fears
We try to take our stand
So our life wont be so bland
But we need someone to wipe away our tears
So we help each other
Sister and brother
To make our world bright and new
I just hope that when
We meet again
I still have the help I found in you


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I am a knight in shining armor
I am a sex fiend
I am a savior
I am the one who makes them laugh
I am the rescuer
I am the organizer
I am the disciplinarian
I am the guide
I am the false prophet
I am the one who is sorry
I am he that sheds light
I am he that causes confusion
I do not exist
I am more than real
I am a fantasy
I am a genius
I am the dumbest man on earth
I am he that has the answer
I am the keeper of The Zoo
I am the gatherer of children
I am the seer of souls
I am he who tries to save the earth
I am he who fails
I am the one who gives out Love
I am he who ask for nothing
I am the rider of the winged horse
I am the Lover of the green haired beauty
I am the king of all myths
I am the lord of time
I am he who tries and helps
I am the one who cries at night
I am the one whose pain is untold
I am the healer
I am the one who feels emotions
I am the chronicle holder
I am the master of words
I am the drawer of scenes
I am the creator of characters
I am the collector of music
I am the disappointment
I am the crowning achievement
I am the hearer of voices
I am he who makes women smile
I am the breaker of hearts
I am the crusher of souls
I am he who is there
I am he who leaves
I am all and all is not me
I am me
I am -7ater

my purpose in life

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Such a lonely person
Such a sad life
But yet such a survivor
Through all the tolls and strife
Life is a gift
That you’ve yet to enjoy
And others are vessels
To Love not annoy
I’ll give you all the Love I can
But it’s what you don’t want
So I stand back and watch
And try not to flaunt
Tell me what you want
For I am here to give
I’ll fulfill your every need
That’s the reason I live
Come to me for any reason
I will always be there willing
I have helped many before that were worse than you
And coming to me is better than killing
I can never be drained
I have more than I can give
For my purpose in life
Is to give you a reason to live

a Princess

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I once knew a Princess
The daughter of a king
She was a happy person
Would always laugh and sing
They ruled a frozen kingdom
A kingdom filled with ice
But the Princess had a warm heart
And she had to pay the price
She left the kingdom to come here
Where she does all she can
To lift up the spirits of others
And help out her fellow man
But now and then life gets hard
And I see the princess frown
So I do all that I can do
To keep her from getting down
For as long as I have known her
A question seems to form
How come an Ice Princess
Can make me feel so warm?

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