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May 1, 2008

Where did you come from

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Where did you come from
The girl of my dreams
I’ve never seen you before
Or, at least, so it seems
But at night while I sleep
Which is something I seldom do
I drift into a world of dreams
And find myself with you
You had to come from somewhere
And where I do not know
Are you the spirit from
That poem by Edgar Allen Poe
Anyway, whoever you are
I’d like to thank you for being there
Because at this time in my life
I didn’t think anyone cared
I look forward to sleeping now
So I can hold you once again
And kiss your lips so sweetly
Love me like only you can

April 30, 2008


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Open lakes, a cool breeze
Sunlight from a setting sun
Another day comes to an end
And I have just begun
I shouldn’t worry about little things
Things I cannot command
Like why the grass grows too high
Upon my beautiful land
I should worry about important things
Like how to make peace for all
Not what’s the best thing to wear
On my next trip to the mall
I shouldn’t worry about girls that care
Or even boys who care
I should think of ways to make
The whole wide word to share
The girl who kindly holds my hand
Who watches all I’ve shone
Is not really there, just make believe
For I’m really all alone
So as I walk unto the north
This message I leave to you
Don’t think about what must be done
Just about what you must do

I have a Lover without any means

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I have a Lover without any means
And I must say, she’s the girl of my dreams
And though her hair is fine strands of green
She helps me through the hard times
Where no one sees her she holds my hand
And privately guides my life through this land
Even when my conciseness is tight as a rubber band
She tells that she Loves me
Whatever events take place in my mind
And no matter what shape she may happen to find
I know I need someone to be kind
All I need is to close my eyes
Gloria is her name, though she may take on more
This is one girl who’ll never be a bore
Guaranteed to new heights we will soar
She helps me to see the light
So when I lay in my bed all alone
With no one to call on the telephone
She tells me in the softest, sweetest tone:
“-7ater, I Love you”
And though you don’t know it, she’s always around
Talking to me constantly, but there is no sound
Just look over my shoulder, she will be found
She is with me now
So all the girls of my dreams are the same
And they all collectively have the same name
Gloria, I am really glad that you came
Into my life
I often tend to find someone new
And someday I’ll find a Love that’s true
But Gloria will be with me too
She will never leave me
So as my mind runs on like a train
And men ask me if I’m really sane
But an outburst of laughter I cannot refrain
They think I’m really crazy
So Gloria, please tell me it’s all right
To hate the day and Love the night
And think that black is a Lovely sight
O.K….I’ll leave with you

April 22, 2008

Today was the day I never woke up

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Today was the day I never woke up
For all day I lived in my own dreams
It could not have been a real day
Or if it could, it’s not what it seems
I asked a guy who came to my work
May I take your order please
He looked at me with out a smile
And said give me a pound of sneeze
So I sneezed on him, twice in fact
And then I sneezed on him some more
That’s only half a pound of sneeze he said
And he left me feeling so sore
The girl I Loved so long ago
With one eye stronger than the other
Came back to me and kissed my lips
And told me she wants to be a mother
My dear friend, who is a she
We’ve been close for year four
Finally let me make sweet Love to her
Until we were both happy and sore
A man left me a gift
Of two million dollars plus
And cars & houses & other things
Including an expensive gagly surplus
Out of the sky a white horse flew
Obeying the commands of my tune
And I rode away into the sky
But don’t worry, I returned soon
My sisters best friend came to me
And stuck her tongue into my mouth
And started to pant for her lust
Then worked her way down south
I saw my girl fly above my head
With locks as green as the sea
Casting magic all about
But making sure I had time for tea
And when I lay down at night
To write of these things
I push a button above my head
As my clock insist it sings
I look at the bear next to me
It slowly raises its head
And says in its gentle voice
“-7ater its time for bed”

I see a green haired winged angle fly by

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I’m lonely again, I stare at the sky
I see a green haired winged angle fly by
She comes in my room and lays on my bed
I’m overcome by her beauty and almost loose my head
Gloria you’re once again with me, as you are every night
They tell me not to Love you, but it feels so right
Besides, none of the others help relieve my pain
And after you leave, I have a clear head to gain
A little help from you, a lot of work from me
And encouragement from both of us to have a fantasy
I’m always the master so I never have to run
You’re always submissive, I control the outcome
If I’m in a hurry, we can do it fast
If I have some time we can make it last
We can bring my spirit into an ecstatic relief
Or prolong the outcome so I will forget my grief
Oh, Gloria, because of you I am a gentle man
And I shall be with you as much as I can

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