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May 1, 2008

There’s a girl I know

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There’s a girl I know who is a little insecure
Who she is inside is something she’s not quite sure
It bothers her that she might not be what she’s expected to be
But she’s the most beautiful person in the world to me
Her outward beauty is the grandest that I’ve ever seen
And her heart is so pure, everything she touches is clean
She’ll do for others what they want even though she may doubt
And when it comes to other needs, she’ll do without
When she sees a little child her heart is full of delight
She tries so hard to fight the wrong, and only do right
When I hurt she’s always there, an angel in disguise
And I see the reason for life from the Love in her eyes
When she smiles at me I see a glimpse of paradise
Her Love melts my heart like sunshine does upon ice
There’s Love aglow and warm in her to calm all commotion
I know that she feels for me, for I can feel her emotion
So even though she may not think she’s what she aught to be
She doesn’t have to improve at all to satisfy me
Often this wonderful girl has inspired this ol’ boy
And I think I can honestly say that I Love Joy

I’m just sitting here thinking

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I’m just sitting here thinking about you
Wondering why things go just like they do
Then I get a feeling I can’t describe
It’s kind of like a soft-warm vibe
And then I realize the reason I feel so good
It didn’t take long before I understood
My whole life depends on your smiling face
A lot of luck, and God’s wonderful grace
And I Love you so much, I’m overwhelmed
It’s so deep that it belongs in another realm
Your Love encloses me and touches my soul
And just to feel your touch is my only goal
People don’t know me as well as they think
I let you know me by what I put down in ink
But even my pen wont help me to say
Exactly what it’s like to feel this way
The only way for you to know is to let me show you
And then allowing me a chance to better know you
I Love you, that’s the only thing I know for sure is true
And I pray nothing will break up us two
This has been erratic, please understand
I’m trying to tell you the best that I can
That you’re a very important part of my life
And I’m sorry if I’ve put you through any strife
Even I don’t know why I do what I do
But no matter what – I love you

could you do me a favor

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Listen pal, could you do me a favor
You see I’m kind of shy
You see that girl over there
Tell her that she caught my eye
Ask her if she believes the phrase
“Love at first sight”
Ask her to sit next to me
Tell her I don’t bite
Ask her if she has a guy
Someone she holds true
Ask her if she’d give him up
And take on someone new
Tell her that she’s beautiful
Tell her I like her smile
Tell her I’d like to be with her
Just to shoot the breeze for a while
Ask her if she’s willing
To take a chance on me
Tell her that I close my eyes
And she’s the one I see
Tell her that without knowing
She fills my heart with Love
Tell her she’s more Lovely
Than earth or sky above
And ask her friend, if you would
What she thinks of me
Ask her what her thoughts were
When she first lay eyes on me
Ask her if she believes real deep
In Love, romance, and caring
If she believes two people
Should try that much sharing
And if she says she does
Tell her I do too
And then look at her and tell her
“He’s in Love with you”

Words don’t come easy

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Words don’t come easy
So how can I say
That when I’m with you
It brightens up my day
All my life I was searching
For someone like you
And now that you’re here
I don’t now what to do
I long to be with you
When we’re apart
And when I have to leave
I don’t have the heart
You have brought to me
A real reason to live
And made me discover
I have a lot to give
What I’m trying to say
Though I’m stumbling all around
Is you’ll never understand
The joy I have found
So realize how I feel
For I want you to know
That when I’m with you
I never want to go

I Love you

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I Love you
Is what you want to hear
You know it’s true
And that I hold you oh so dear
But when I say it
My eyes start to tear
So just accept my smile
And just stay near

April 30, 2008

I’ve seen a young playful girl

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I’ve seen a young playful girl inside your eyes
And I’ve heard a strong willed women in your lies
Your like another when you hold me in your arms
And you are well skilled lady when you put on the charms
I feel your Love for me when we’re together
Intertangled with your pink lace and my black leather
I want to cry when I stare into your brown eyes
So hold me close and whisper again how we’ll never say good-bye
Catch each moment in your heart and make it last
For the world is in bad shape and the end is coming fast
Hold me now before we’re gone and spin away
And don’t think about it for tomorrow’s another day
People help me to realize that there is not much
Of daylight and sunshine and kisses and such
But me and you create something of wondrous structure
A bubble filled with Love that will not rupture
Can it be that I am happy at last, glory be
How can someone so perfect be in Love with me
God please help me to take care of this little one
Let me show her that even her life can be fun
Why do I ramble on and on and on as such
Is it because in my heart I Love you so much
I realize there’s not a lot of Love in the world
The problem is like a sleeping cat that is curled
So come let our body’s become united
And with our Love we can fight it


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Hello, I just wanted to call and talk
Can we get together and take a little walk?
Go down the road walking hand in hand
Raising dust as we kick up the sand
Would you be offended if I stared at you
And study your face as I like to do
For I Love to caress your face with my eyes
To record mentally your beauty that never dies
Would it be all right if I held you tight
For when I’m close to you I feel so right
And when you look at me and sooth my soul
There’s a feeling that causes my heart to roll
My insides want to explode from within
And I no longer lose, but Love helps me to win
I Love you, and I just want to see your smile
I want to laugh, and share with you a while
I know you Love me, for you’ve shown you care
You’ve uncovered your real soul. I’ve seen it bare
I just want to be near you some
I can? watch out, for here I come!

I like

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I like long rides in the rain
I like taking away all pain
I like skies that are dark blue
But I especially like you
I Love holding hands in the park
You know that I Love the dark
I Love dancing close, real slow
And I love being where you go
I need the food I eat each day
I need clean air when I play
I need God’s guidance from above
Also I need your kind of Love
I long to be left alone
I long to talk to you on the phone
I long for warmth when it is cold
I long for your passionate hold
I often think of lost friends
I often think of sad ends
I often think of when I was a boy
But now I’m thinking of you Joy

short and sweet

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Simplicity is the art of perfection
So I’ll keep this short and sweet
When you read this Lovely one
Please know my Love is deep
If you don’t realize you’re the one
Don’t worry, you’ll know soon
It’ll be the night we sit alone
Under a bright lit moon
And then you’ll know how I feel
And I’ll know your feelings too
I hope you’ll smile when I say
I truly Love you

Small Steps

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I am
I am in
I am in Love
I am in Love with
I am in Love with you
I am in Love with you and
I am in Love with you and I
I am in Love with you and I hope
I am in Love with you and I hope you
I am in Love with you and I hope you feel
I am in Love with you and I hope you feel the
I am in Love with you and I hope you feel the same
I am in Love with you and I hope you feel the same way
I am in Love with you and I hope you feel the same way too
I am in Love with you and I hope you feel the same way too!!!

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