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May 1, 2008

I miss you

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I miss you
Is that so hard to believe
Will I spend my life in sorrow
Will I forever grieve
I don’t think a day goes by
When I don’t think of you
And then I remember you’re not there
And I become depressed and blue
I wish I had known
What I did to drive you away
I just know that I regret
Ever living that day
Life will continue to pass
With or without me
But I wonder sometimes
If I will ever again be free
I thought I knew what Love was
But now I do not know
I have a hard time with
Separating friend from foe
But I thank you for the times we had
I was truly happy for six years
And I should be content with that
And wipe away these last tears

Help me dear one

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Help me dear one
Forget what I have lost
Cheer me up and hold me close
For you know not what the cost
Help me to dry my tears
Even though I should not cry
Tell me I’ll be happy again
But then tell me why
Give me an ear that listens
And give me an arm to hold
Give me a shoulder to cry on
And a heart that’s not cold
I need hands that caress me
And legs willing to walk that mile
I want eyes to look in
And a mouth willing to smile
Give me a soul to possess
And a life to share
Don’t forget warmth and compassion
I hope you have some to spare
I need a body to make Love to
To take away the horror inside
I need personality to reckon with
Something to break my pride
What I need most is someone to Love
Because my Love went away
Just be someone who’s there
To make it through another day

Why are you this way (Explicit Content)

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Why are you this way
When you come over why can’t you stay
Do you realize the pain I feel
Come on girl, what is the deal?
You say you know what’s in my heart
But you always stop before I can start
I know all this may sound lame
But, fuck, you’re driving me insane

Here we go again

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Here we go again
Face to face
How long has it been
Time has been very good to you
Of course I am different
But you probably already knew
I’ve wondered how things turned out
I see you’re faring well
I should have had no doubt
I’d be lying if I was to say
That i didn’t miss you
And that I hope they’ll come a day
When we’d admit our Love again
Like we use to
When we were friends
But now we lead separate lives
You have a new Lover
I’m looking for a wife
But I must say it’s good to see you
I hope it’ll happen again
And maybe we can start anew

April 30, 2008

What are my directions

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What are my directions
Just what are my goals
Where will my life go
What satisfies my soul
Years ago I answered these
And fulfilled my every dreams
Now she left and took them all
And left me with out any means
Loneliness and happiness
Cannot go hand in hand
Music and Love mean nothing now
So don’t strike up the band
How can I keep it up
With no one to help me out
How can I know all the answers
When my life is full of doubt
How can I know Love again
When my Love has went away
How can I seek out companionship
When I don’t know what to say
I wonder why I’m so lonely
When everyone is all around
How come inside I hear nothing
When I’m surrounded by sound
All my goals I set in life
And accomplished one by one
Are now but hazy memories
For now they are all but gone
It’s time to start life anew
Am I up for the task
And will I try it after all
Please don’t even ask

I want to Love you

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I want to Love you as much as I can
But you are still a child and I am yet a man
You are so beautiful, an ultimate goal
With eyes of passion that ignite my soul
But our ages differ by a good four years
And we shall never know true Love, through the tears
I want to tell you of the fire down within
But how can I do it when the world views it as sin
So my dear I guess you’ll never know of my feelings
For I can’t cope with the unorthodox dealings
And I shall forever be heavy hearted and down slung
And the song of Love I was to sing to you shall never be sung

A Prayer

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Dear Lord, I have so man friends
But I have no Love
I need someone that will
Stand way out above
The rest, so Lord I pray
That you will send
Someone special to my heart
Someone closer than a friend
And Lord give me the patience to wait
Until you feel I’m ready
And please keep reminding me to ask
You before I go steady
Lord, let me be blessed with
The patience of Job
Help me be calm, and let
Longsuffering be my robe
Lord, don’t let me jump to fast
But then don’t let me be slow
And Lord when I find that person for me
Please make sure I know
That your blessings are upon
Us, that it was meant to be
And Lord always, always guide,
Protect, and always Love me!

I had to go

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Once upon a time
Not long ago
I told my true Love
That I had to go
I walked away from her
They say there was water in my eye
That’s not saying much
My true Love started to cry
This poem is short, please don’t be mad
I had to write it, for I am sad


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Sing me a song
Make me forget
All that is wrong
Sing for the day
Sing for the sun
Sing for the dead
And for life that’s begun
I’d love to hear
The music you make
It gives me joy
And my heart does ache
So sing your song
Until the day is through
And in the morning
I’ll again listen to you

They say you can never go back

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They say you can never go back
I guess I found out why
For when I try to relive my youth
I feel like I’ve lived a lie
All my old hang-out spots
Have been all torn away
Even though in my heart
These places will always stay
How come the present modern day
Must tear down the past
Why can’t they build places
That will forever last
Friends have moved away
Buildings are forever gone
But I guess I’ll keep the memories
That come when I hear a song

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