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April 30, 2008

The bottles almost empty

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The bottles almost empty
And I’m alone
I have no one to call
On the Telephone
Porno flicks are playing
They have no effect
Why does my life feel like
A shrinks pet project
And I can’t even understand why
I think of her and
I start to cry
And inside my head
I wonder why
Did I let this
One slip by
And I cry
In my drunken haze
I notice that
My meters all wrong
But my rhymes down pat
And my eyes are watering
To form of tears
And my body shakes
Because of my fears
And I can’t explain
Through my pen
Why I drink, but
I’ll try again
For I need to get it off my chest

April 22, 2008

why tonight I am drinking

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Pink Floyd and Hendrix play
Somehow I lost another day
I’ve drank all night long
It didn’t improve my song
Now if my pen won’t lie
I’ll try to tell you why
Joy is married and she has a kid
And it hurts to think of what she did
She’ll never come back to me again
Not even if she finally needs a true friend
Chris is gone, and I think for good
He’ll never come back, though I wish he would
And I’ll never take a wild whim
To tell how much I’ve Loved him
Penny’s getting married, she is with child
Which nowadays is treated so mild
But she all but told me that it is not her will
Oh how I wish she had taken the pill
I’ve got a position coming up and a raise
It is the way my boss gives out praise
But will I do good or will I fuck up
I guess I’ll fake it and shut up
So know you know what I’m thinking
And you know why tonight I am drinking

Drinking (Explicit Content)

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me do dumb things like
Yukon Jack

We drink to forget

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We drink to forget
But we remember yet
And it only becomes worse
And the more we drink
And the harder we think
Only prolongs mankind’s curse
Alcohol and blood don’t mix
So how do I get a fix
To make life more easy
Do I need
And will I heed
To a girl that is sleazy
My skin grows numb
And I become dumb
While I take another sip
How can I let it
Make me into shit
Why am I such a dip
Depression is hard
And my heart is bard
So don’t try to get in
Tonight is the night
And if it goes right
I’ll commit some ungodly sin
The girl that I like
Wants me to take a hike
And that’s what I’ll do
So goodbye to All
For this is my fall
But don’t let it effect you

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