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April 30, 2008

How can I say it

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How can I say it with paper and pen
When I can’t think of where to begin
How can I tell you what I’m feeling
When right now my mind is reeling
The night we spent in each other’s arms
The door locked out all alarms
Flesh and sweat bound together tight
My god it felt so right
Tension in the arms, clench of our fist
Slowly caressing everything on the list
Running my fingers over every part
Resting my head above your heart
Your mouth screaming from pleasure and pain
Begging me breathlessly not to restrain
Where did the music come from that night
And why did it grow when I felt your bite
The growing pressure and the sudden release
The screams of “oh god” and then “oh please”
And it was worth all we went through
To be able to lie there and hold you

sex mean so much

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Why does sex mean so much
It’s so simple and beautiful and fun
But yet we’re all hung up on it
Even before our sex life’s begun
A simple act of pleasure and Love
And an act that starts the mystery of life
Why is it only all right for
The man who has taken a wife
When two people feel attraction
And the urges start to boil
Why can’t they just relieve the tension
Without their conscience taking it’s toil
If you want Love to be free
Grab some cloths and come on over
And make sweet Love to me

Protected: How could I ever make Love to you

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April 22, 2008

Protected: How I long to have you (Explicit Content)

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Visions of satin sheets and you

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Visions of satin sheets and you
Trying the old trick which to us are new
Losing sleep as we stare into the night
Knowing that we can’t see the other, but they are within sight
Reaching out to touch each other at the same time
Realizing that there is reason to our rhyme
We can feel the other one smile and feel joy
And feeling silly, we begin to play and toy
We then get passionate as we know we should
Never knowing it could be so deep, so hot, so good
We come to our ends and sleep in deep thought
Full well knowing what our dedication has wrought
Waking up so relaxed it ought to be a sin
And once again go in as strong and deep as we can
All day long we think of nothing but each other
And of tonight when in Love we shall smother
Though Love cannot be made but received from the other one
Making Love real can and will always be fun

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