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May 1, 2008

A Story

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How should I begin this
Should I even try
Will you know it’s the truth
Or will you think I lie
This is the story of the voice
That asks if I want to die
This is a story of a strange lad


When I was born
They didn’t know
What I’d do
Or what I’d show
My father named me
After him
By the suggestion of a girl
Who made money by sin
I would be like him
Only much greater
But the rest of the world
Named me -7ater


When I was in school
I went to a special class
It got me out of a lot of work
And sometimes was a pain in the ass
I was much different
Than the other kids in school
So they decided
That being me wasn’t cool
I got picked on
I got physically abused
And when things went wrong
I got unjustly accused
I was short and ugly
I was weird and fat
I liked science-fiction
And that wasn’t where it was at
They put down all I did
As soon as I entered the door
Could I help it
If my family was poor
But I didn’t care
It didn’t bother me
For my mother put her Love
Inside of me
And my special class
Wasn’t because I was dumb
But because I was better
So I became numb
The people in my class
Had a high I.Q.
We were very smart
But there was something else we knew
Some of us could do
Things others did not know
Special magic powers
That the others didn’t show
We talked to each other
Without speaking a word
And other bizarre things
You would think absurd
So before you make fun
Of something that we do
Decide who is different —
Me or you
For we grew up


Can you see yet
You can’t, I bet
I need somebody to talk to
Oh baby can’t it be you
Before I cry
Let me ask you why
Are you afraid to Love me?


When I was 13 I couldn’t feel on my own
All that I felt was all that was known
Was what was around me
And all could see
Was everyone else, but never me
I couldn’t control it
I felt like shit
What was in other people, their emotions
Became me, my internal notions
I felt them fight, talk, and kiss
And I feel your emotions as you read this


I am an empath
Do you know what that means?
That means my intentions
Are not what they seem
I can tell what your feeling
How you are deep inside
I can tell what you are
I can tell if you lied
I can tell if you Love me
Or you want me to go away
And when we talk I know
What you want me to say
The power is a gift
And a curse just the same
It could bring me glory
Or bring me to shame
It’s as strong as it is
Because I dealt with the Devil
But I withdrew
Because I’m on the level
When you read this line
You may feel a distraction
Because I’m searching your soul
For a reaction


Now can’t you see
What is wrong with me
Why I try to pursue
Being with you
I know how you feel
And it’s making me reel
If you want to make me feel good
And I wish that you would
Just look in my eye
And watch me get high
Then reach over and touch me
And let me feel what you feel


I guess I let you down
I was not what you wanted
I turned out to be another clown
Would it mattered if I cared
Why dear father did you put us through
All that you did
Didn’t you know we’d learn to hate you
When you left us alone
And when you were still at home
We dreaded your arrival
Mother felt all alone
And we all felt abandoned
Didn’t you wonder why we went to our room
Whenever you would come home
And I promise by all that’s under the moon
I’ll never do as you did


Why do churches
Where everything’s right
Make me feel
Full of dread and fright
I was to be
A preacher full ordained
And the will of God
I was to maintain
When will we ever learn
How many times must we be shown
That God
Can do it on his own


I knew a girl who was fun
She taught me lots of things
About kissing and petting and holding hands
About marriage, engagements, and rings
My first Love was but naught
Hormones ruled it all
But every time you think you think with your head
You’re actually thinking with your balls
I never slept with her though I could
For she did everything but beg
It wasn’t right, or so I thought
And there I had her pegged
But we had our fun, we had our thrill
And orgasms where a many
For even though we didn’t believe in sex
We had as much juice as any
But when I was convinced that
God thought this was wrong
And that she was listening
To the wrong kinds of song
I sent her away
How I wish
That she’d


I was once in Love
My Love was true
Did she Love me?
I wish I knew
I still Love her
I want her to know
But how can I tell her?
Where did she go?
She led a sad life
I taught her to smile
And at least she was happy
For a short while
I really did Love her
And I’d Love her still
But for some reason
This wasn’t her will
For I guess
I did something wrong
What I’ll explain
In my next song


The girl of my dreams
My life I could say
Had something special
Taken away
By someone she knew
Related to her mother
It was her uncle
Her mother’s brother
Her virginity taken away
By force and by lust
Seeds spit in the wind
And lie in the dust
I put him in jail
For his insane crime
And can only now put it
Down in rhyme
Rape is the worst thing
It’s mans own curse
But she was but 12
Which made it worse
She could barely let
Me touch her at all
But puberty hit
And I bounced off the wall
What she had lost
I gave her mine
Then she started worrying
About months nine
She left me alone
Her I couldn’t blame
For she trusted no man
And that is a shame
That was years ago
I’m not over it yet
Even now I feel
Full of regret
The last I heard
She had a husband and a child
And I sometimes stop
And think of something wild
Is the child mine?


I’ve gone through much
But I have no crutch
Please don’t worry
Or be sorry
I don’t want your pity
For I don’t feel gritty
All I need you may know
Is to let all this go
Please just let me
Talk to you


Now I am working at
A job I don’t like
I still feel your pains
Yes, I’m still a psych
I drink way too much
And sometimes get high
When I get too bored
I make up great lies
And when I’m depressed
There’s two things that I do
One is to write my thoughts
The other is talk to you


This is my story
It’s no way complete
But my pen and my bed
Are trying to compete
I know that I’ll add
More to this later
Now I go t sleep
For tomorrow I have to be -7ater

April 30, 2008


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I am a knight in shining armor
I am a sex fiend
I am a savior
I am the one who makes them laugh
I am the rescuer
I am the organizer
I am the disciplinarian
I am the guide
I am the false prophet
I am the one who is sorry
I am he that sheds light
I am he that causes confusion
I do not exist
I am more than real
I am a fantasy
I am a genius
I am the dumbest man on earth
I am he that has the answer
I am the keeper of The Zoo
I am the gatherer of children
I am the seer of souls
I am he who tries to save the earth
I am he who fails
I am the one who gives out Love
I am he who ask for nothing
I am the rider of the winged horse
I am the Lover of the green haired beauty
I am the king of all myths
I am the lord of time
I am he who tries and helps
I am the one who cries at night
I am the one whose pain is untold
I am the healer
I am the one who feels emotions
I am the chronicle holder
I am the master of words
I am the drawer of scenes
I am the creator of characters
I am the collector of music
I am the disappointment
I am the crowning achievement
I am the hearer of voices
I am he who makes women smile
I am the breaker of hearts
I am the crusher of souls
I am he who is there
I am he who leaves
I am all and all is not me
I am me
I am -7ater

April 22, 2008


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Aired out
Everything but
Running away


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Dash Tee AAy Tee EEa Are

I have no idea what it is that makes you happy

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I have no idea what it is that makes you happy
I cannot realize what makes you sad
But I can realize your emotions through your eyes
Like the fire I feel when you become mad
You may sometimes wonder just who I am
I am that friend that’s there when I’m needed
And if you hurt I can take away
Then my reason for now I have succeeded
People often let you down and bring you grief
And if I have or ever do I apologize a hundred fold
Plus I shall rectify my unpreffered situation
And change my ways if only first I am told
I have only one reason for life that I know
That is to listen and help others to feel better
I must always forget about the one called me
And realize that this world is to whom I’m a debtor
What I’m trying to say is that I’m here when needed
And I shall be gone when I’m no longer wanted
I can bear your burden and relax your soul
And take away your ghost that have always haunted
So when your down and you need a friendly ear
For the door to happiness is locked and you’ve lost the key
And you’ve finished your tears, for tears are good
But when the crying no longer works, call on me

Today was the day I never woke up

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Today was the day I never woke up
For all day I lived in my own dreams
It could not have been a real day
Or if it could, it’s not what it seems
I asked a guy who came to my work
May I take your order please
He looked at me with out a smile
And said give me a pound of sneeze
So I sneezed on him, twice in fact
And then I sneezed on him some more
That’s only half a pound of sneeze he said
And he left me feeling so sore
The girl I Loved so long ago
With one eye stronger than the other
Came back to me and kissed my lips
And told me she wants to be a mother
My dear friend, who is a she
We’ve been close for year four
Finally let me make sweet Love to her
Until we were both happy and sore
A man left me a gift
Of two million dollars plus
And cars & houses & other things
Including an expensive gagly surplus
Out of the sky a white horse flew
Obeying the commands of my tune
And I rode away into the sky
But don’t worry, I returned soon
My sisters best friend came to me
And stuck her tongue into my mouth
And started to pant for her lust
Then worked her way down south
I saw my girl fly above my head
With locks as green as the sea
Casting magic all about
But making sure I had time for tea
And when I lay down at night
To write of these things
I push a button above my head
As my clock insist it sings
I look at the bear next to me
It slowly raises its head
And says in its gentle voice
“-7ater its time for bed”

I am the -7ater

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Jesus is Christ
Paul is the Walrus
Rock N Roll is King
And I am the -7ater
People are strange
Life is a bitch
It’s not easy being green
And I am the -7ater
Elvis is The King
Tina is The Queen
Bruce is The Boss
And I am the -7ater
Jack is my brother
Jo Ann is my sister
Jean is my mother
And I am the -7ater
God is above
Satan is below
Hell is right here
And I am the -7ater
Who do you know
That you would trust
You know me
For I am the -7ater

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