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April 30, 2008

What are my directions

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What are my directions
Just what are my goals
Where will my life go
What satisfies my soul
Years ago I answered these
And fulfilled my every dreams
Now she left and took them all
And left me with out any means
Loneliness and happiness
Cannot go hand in hand
Music and Love mean nothing now
So don’t strike up the band
How can I keep it up
With no one to help me out
How can I know all the answers
When my life is full of doubt
How can I know Love again
When my Love has went away
How can I seek out companionship
When I don’t know what to say
I wonder why I’m so lonely
When everyone is all around
How come inside I hear nothing
When I’m surrounded by sound
All my goals I set in life
And accomplished one by one
Are now but hazy memories
For now they are all but gone
It’s time to start life anew
Am I up for the task
And will I try it after all
Please don’t even ask

I’ve seen a young playful girl

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I’ve seen a young playful girl inside your eyes
And I’ve heard a strong willed women in your lies
Your like another when you hold me in your arms
And you are well skilled lady when you put on the charms
I feel your Love for me when we’re together
Intertangled with your pink lace and my black leather
I want to cry when I stare into your brown eyes
So hold me close and whisper again how we’ll never say good-bye
Catch each moment in your heart and make it last
For the world is in bad shape and the end is coming fast
Hold me now before we’re gone and spin away
And don’t think about it for tomorrow’s another day
People help me to realize that there is not much
Of daylight and sunshine and kisses and such
But me and you create something of wondrous structure
A bubble filled with Love that will not rupture
Can it be that I am happy at last, glory be
How can someone so perfect be in Love with me
God please help me to take care of this little one
Let me show her that even her life can be fun
Why do I ramble on and on and on as such
Is it because in my heart I Love you so much
I realize there’s not a lot of Love in the world
The problem is like a sleeping cat that is curled
So come let our body’s become united
And with our Love we can fight it

I want to Love you

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I want to Love you as much as I can
But you are still a child and I am yet a man
You are so beautiful, an ultimate goal
With eyes of passion that ignite my soul
But our ages differ by a good four years
And we shall never know true Love, through the tears
I want to tell you of the fire down within
But how can I do it when the world views it as sin
So my dear I guess you’ll never know of my feelings
For I can’t cope with the unorthodox dealings
And I shall forever be heavy hearted and down slung
And the song of Love I was to sing to you shall never be sung

I never thought I’d come this way again

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I never thought I’d come this way again
Gosh I really don’t know where to begin
I never thought we’d meet once more now
But I guess it was meant to be somehow
It came as a shock, I was quite surprised
I’m looking you over, I can’t believe my eyes
My you’ve changed, there’s quite a difference here
But it’s so nice to at last have you near
But I’m tired of standing here enjoying the site
Let’s stay together and make the most of the night

Last night

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Last night something I never realized
Was sublimely revealed to me
A perfect picture of what’s real
The truth, the beauty, and reality
I can remember years ago
When we were dedicated to each other
When we use to hold each other’s hand
And really cared about one another
But it just burned away
As if consumed by fire
And we seemed to lose
All the Love and desire
But once I got over the hurt
And mine own blatant stupidity
I saw that I’d lost a friend
For what I thought would be an eternity
But through my tears and my pride
And the way I look at life
I got over the hurt and the loss
And soon forgot all my strife
But you came around again
Contact with you once more
I didn’t realize my memory stirred
And we’d open up old sores
But soon realized we still cared
And we could still be friends
Also that all the helpful concern
Never really has to come to ends
I realize now without a doubt
That I can still have some fun
And of all the people I know
You’re still a special one
For I enjoy being with you
You are pleasant company
The fact that we get along so well
Is nothing but pure irony
I’m so glad we had that time
To come to grow closer
If anything it’s helped me
Become a much better composer
Of all the emotions I know
Love is always the stronger
But now I realize that
Friendship always last longer
Thank you for a wonderful time
And for allowing me to live
Also for showing me that
I still have something to give
And that life is meaningful
And can be a lot of fun
But it can be more enjoyable
When you share it with someone
Which makes me really glad
That we have each other
To help me out when we can’t
Go to Father or our Mother
To go to the other one
When we need to be held
And try empathically
To let our hearts meld
Once again I thank you
And a thousand times more
For adding salt to my life
And stop it from being a bore
So in all your many travels
And in all you ever do
Know that no matter what
My Love goes with you


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When you sang of peace
The whole world chanted along
We couldn’t wait
For you to put out another song
You taught us all Love
You wanted to hold our hand
And elevated our minds
With Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
You took a vacation
A weekend that was lost
And then your wife
Realized what she had lost
You spent your days
Baking bread and making tea
Never realizing
What your music meant to me
But now your gone
And I can’t make it seem true
Just realize John Lennon
The whole world misses you


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Hello, I just wanted to call and talk
Can we get together and take a little walk?
Go down the road walking hand in hand
Raising dust as we kick up the sand
Would you be offended if I stared at you
And study your face as I like to do
For I Love to caress your face with my eyes
To record mentally your beauty that never dies
Would it be all right if I held you tight
For when I’m close to you I feel so right
And when you look at me and sooth my soul
There’s a feeling that causes my heart to roll
My insides want to explode from within
And I no longer lose, but Love helps me to win
I Love you, and I just want to see your smile
I want to laugh, and share with you a while
I know you Love me, for you’ve shown you care
You’ve uncovered your real soul. I’ve seen it bare
I just want to be near you some
I can? watch out, for here I come!

A Prayer

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Dear Lord, I have so man friends
But I have no Love
I need someone that will
Stand way out above
The rest, so Lord I pray
That you will send
Someone special to my heart
Someone closer than a friend
And Lord give me the patience to wait
Until you feel I’m ready
And please keep reminding me to ask
You before I go steady
Lord, let me be blessed with
The patience of Job
Help me be calm, and let
Longsuffering be my robe
Lord, don’t let me jump to fast
But then don’t let me be slow
And Lord when I find that person for me
Please make sure I know
That your blessings are upon
Us, that it was meant to be
And Lord always, always guide,
Protect, and always Love me!

I like

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I like long rides in the rain
I like taking away all pain
I like skies that are dark blue
But I especially like you
I Love holding hands in the park
You know that I Love the dark
I Love dancing close, real slow
And I love being where you go
I need the food I eat each day
I need clean air when I play
I need God’s guidance from above
Also I need your kind of Love
I long to be left alone
I long to talk to you on the phone
I long for warmth when it is cold
I long for your passionate hold
I often think of lost friends
I often think of sad ends
I often think of when I was a boy
But now I’m thinking of you Joy

The flame grows bright red

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The flame grows bright red
The warmth is good
Touch to the tip
The smoke makes patterns
White cloud like shapes
Feel it enter your body
The rush of blood
Through your lungs
The smell enters your nose
It stings your eyes
Sigh in relief
You’re done
It’s in you still
Filthy habit

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